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Comments or Questions About the Information Provided

The fact sheet is great

"It lays out the ballot questions, need and cost. It would be nice to add pictures showing building maintenance issues so residents see that there is a crucial need. The school buildings are the residents’ investment and if they do not take care of it now it will be more expensive in the future."

Community engagement

"I think it is important to point out the last referendum did not pass by a small margin of votes and that parent voter turnout was low. Encourage people to have their voices heard by voting."

Details on costs and funds

"Distribution of Funds - If approved, how are the funds being allocated by facility? I think it is important for voters to also understand where the funds are going."


"I like how the video showed you exactly what you mean regarding updating the buildings. When you are not there daily or visit only only one building, I think it is difficult to envision what updates are necessary."

Student Experience

"How do we help our children have pride in North Branch schools? I often hear our kids expressing that the community does not care about them because the school's facilities are not as other districts.”