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Scenario A Concerns


"Lack of Pool. Not including a pool in this scenario seems like a lot of missed opportunities for revenue increase, added jobs and extracurricular activities would be missed out upon."

Finance and budget

"Where will the money come from to maintain these new areas? I do not want to jeopardize student learning and salaries of staff to pay to get or maintain these facilities."

Activities facility

"We need new athletic facilities in North Branch. We struggle for gym time for youth activities and with gymnastics moving to the high school, it will only get worse."

Improve learning environment

"The main purpose seems to be to further extra-curricular opportunities. Academic supports for students, including adequate pay and supports for teachers should be the primary priority of the school district."

Traffic flow

"Traffic is already a problem at high frequency times before and after school. Would this help or hinder the traffic flow and is there any chance of altering the traffic flow for ease of entering and exiting the school territories?"