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Our Concerns Are

Lunch and recess

"My child does not always have enough time to eat lunch once he gets through he line. They also have to spend the first half of lunch in silence. This is very difficult when they've been learning all morning long. The shortened recess is also disappointing."

Teacher compensation and staff turnover

"I feel our teachers should be paid more competitively in order to attract high quality teachers."

Class size

"North Branch schools have the second highest student-teacher ratio within the state. How are we sure that everyone is moving along as they should and maximizing their potential with the potential of such range of abilities over 21-1 ratio?"

Testing vs learning

"Students have too many standardized and other benchmark tests that they have to take. It is becoming overwhelming for both the teachers and the students."

Employee morale and workload

"Morale has not been good the last few years. We are loosing good staff members to other schools and it is not just for them getting a better job. There is a problem with how the building is run."