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Your Concerns

Lunch & Recess

"School lunch time. Again this year my kids are telling me how short their lunch time is. By the time they sit to eat lunch is practically over. I recognize that their days are filled with valuable lessons and specials and recess, all things I am glad about, but being made to eat quickly isn't ideal."

Parent Communication

"Communication. Activities and sports are very important to a student's education. That being said I think we need better communication between daily activities that may be going on after school that the parent's need involvement with. Provide $ for pictures, uniforms, etc. Not always informed by student."

Facilities & Maintenance

"I am concerned that our school district is falling behind. There are so many needs. As the center of our community and one of the primary reasons young families will choose or not choose to move into our community, our schools need to be strong. The facilities in some areas are wonderful and in others are woefully inadequate."


"Screen time. With screens being so prevalent in our society, I'd like to see the school steer away from the use of screens. Instead of showing a movie at recess, let students read or run around in the gym. Screen addiction is a real problem, so we should work as a team to limit screen time."


"No updates to infrastructure/traffic flow. I was very disappointed when the vote came back NO and the district has only been able to do some minor patching to infrastructure needs."