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Additional School Experiences


"Field trips. Field trips offer many new learning experiences, yet our school doesn't seem to do them. If budget is an issue, please ask parents to pay a small portion."

Curriculum & Programs

"Exploratory classes. It has really been a struggle to not have classes that students can take, for credit, that help them find their interests or eliminate interests."

Experiential and Vocational Learning

"More "real world" experiences. Better integration with what community has to offer so students have an idea as to what opportunities are out there and how to investigate/solve real world problems."

Athletics Facilities

"Stadium experience. Please move forward with upgrading the entire stadium experience. Concession stand, restrooms, place for the players and coaches to go, not having to go all the way back to the school for halftime or having to stay on the field."

Facilities & Maintenance

"Improved facilities. School spaces need to keep up with changes in education. Environment has a big impact on student learning. The improvements to the media centers last year were a good start, but there is much more needed."