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Additional Thoughts Shared

General Feedback

"The students are fantastic, we have so many kind and caring young adultsand staff that support them."

School environment

"I would like to see more school pride activities. Other districts hold pep rallies and other things for the elementary students and oftentimes the high schoolers will come to the elementaries and do different things for younger kids."

Leadership and administration

"It is important that all staff are visible in the students' days, especially in September. I miss when principals would give a "talk" with each grade level during advisory. It showed we were all in this together and cohesive."

Quality of teachers and staff

"Thank you to all the teachers, administrators and staff who do such a great job! We appreciate you!"

Transportation and parking

"Entire district could benefit from a change in traffic follow, encouraging all right hand turns. Some spots are very dangerous- ie MS to HS left turn. Even a temporary traffic light or sign would be helpful."