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Scenario B Concerns

Finance and budget

"A tax increase may be difficult in our community.The bond election committee will need to get the word out about the positive impact of having additional facilities for our students, families and community members to use during the school day, in the evenings and during the summer."

Addition of a pool

"Pools are very expensive to operate and maintain. Will this take resources away from other programming?"

Prioritize education

"All of the items are nice, BUT we need to improve and maintain the educational needs of the students first and for most."

Placement of facilities

"I feel the middle school property is not a good spot for such a facility. The students that this is aimed at are not at this site so the convenience of use for our high school is gone."

Improve learning environment

"Shouldn't we be looking at class sizes and making sure our kids our getting the best in the classroom first?"