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School Results


District Results

Scenarios Summary

The following table highlights features common to both scenarios as well as the unique features for each scenarios.


What is the long term spending we are looking at for having an operational and well maintained pool?

"What is the long term spending we are looking at for having an operational and well maintained pool?"

Improve learning environment

"Why are we not looking at ways to lower class sizes in the elementary school? This seemed to be a great concern not that long ago to get those numbers down but that seems to be of no concern anymore."

Activities facility

"Are these facilites only for sports? Can these facilites be used for other things as well? Community activites? Elementary and Preschool holiday programs? "

Communication and information sharing

"What is the long term goal? Flashy new and exciting facilities look great and make headlines but what is the long term goal? Are we hoping to draw a few more students or is our school district looking to educate all of our students."


"Will these new facilities require more or special staff? Who will be responsible for the care of a pool or more buildings? Is that grounds? Will a pool require weekend staff?"

Scenario B Concerns

Finance and budget

"A tax increase may be difficult in our community.The bond election committee will need to get the word out about the positive impact of having additional facilities for our students, families and community members to use during the school day, in the evenings and during the summer."

Addition of a pool

"Pools are very expensive to operate and maintain. Will this take resources away from other programming?"

Prioritize education

"All of the items are nice, BUT we need to improve and maintain the educational needs of the students first and for most."

Placement of facilities

"I feel the middle school property is not a good spot for such a facility. The students that this is aimed at are not at this site so the convenience of use for our high school is gone."

Improve learning environment

"Shouldn't we be looking at class sizes and making sure our kids our getting the best in the classroom first?"

Scenario B Positives

Addition of a pool

"A pool would bring new opportunities for community events such as open swim nights, water aerobics classes, possibility of hosting large scale swim meets."

Community engagement and benefits

"I appreciate the effort to create space accessible for community use."

Stadium and field improvements

"Having a full fledged community center with a top notch stadium facility might bring North Branch the athletic significance it deserves. It would be nice to be a part of a school with a consistently winning sports program and the facilities to support that winning program."

Maintain and update existing facilities

"Updating facilities is necessary to be competitive with neighboring districts. Bringing our facilities into the 21st century."

School environment

"We will be making the district look more appealing to families."