North Branch Area High School

Our Community Appreciates

College in the schools

It is wonderful that the students have the opportunity to earn college credit while still in high school.

Focus on bullying and setting a positive tone

Addressing bullying on an ongoing basis in a way that empowers people with a focus on creating a safe and healthy place for all is very helpful.

I again appreciate teachers who email or call with any types of issues

Children don't tell their parents always about good or bad issues that may come up. I so appreciate to be kept in the loop.


We appreciate hard-working, caring teachers who are sincerely trying to educate our children. There are many of these in our schools.

The security

The safety of all is important, happy to see the increase in security at the front office.

Some Concerns Are

Are our kids being properly prepared for college?

My oldest son graduated in 2012 with honors after taking higher level courses and college credit classes while at NBAHS, but feels that he was NOT prepared for college level work. Are NB students exposed to the rigor they can expect with college level work? Are they being awarded A's too easily?

Students who struggle

Will students get extra help if they are trying their hardest but still struggling. I would like to think we have some wonderful teachers who go above and beyond helping , but let's face it. Teachers coach, they have lives and are not always available to help students who struggle and need extra.

My child is in a math class with 40 students

How can my child get a good education when the teacher is spread among 40 other students? When I was in school my algebra class never had more than high 20's in a class.

Communication with parents

I have had some experiences where teachers do not return phone calls or e-mails in a timely manner or at all. I realize everyone is busy, but it would be great if parents could get a response within a few days. Need a system where parents can see upcoming assignments due or tests.

Traffic at the stop sign by Trinity Lutheran/Grand Avenue in the a.m.

It is almost impossible to turn south (towards the high school) off of County Rd 14 anytime between 725-755. The City and school Board need to invest more time in coming up with a solution to this before someone gets in an accident.

Additional Thoughts Shared

School board

I would like if there was a term, much like the President, you can only be on the school board for a selected term. Fresh thoughts and ideas need to run throughout the school board.

School drop off and pick up

Entire district could benefit from a change in traffic follow, encouraging all right hand turns. Some spots are very dangerous- i.e. MS to HS left turn. Even a temporary traffic light or sign would be helpful.


Excellent tool for parents & teachers to partner, but far more effective if used more frequently by teachers.

High turnover at HS

Not good for students and creates questions of "why" amongst parents.

Community support

We moved our family to the district in 1996. At that time NBAS were considered some of the best in the state. Since that time the reputation of our district has been tarnished, with many referendums being voted down and our community being seen as one that does not support its schools. Listen!











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