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Our Community Appreciates

Dedicated staff

Bus drivers, custodians, administrators, teachers, volunteers - staff at all levels are dedicated to providing a great learning environment for our students. You don't hear it enough - thank you.

Quality teachers

North Branch Area Public Schools has quality teachers that give 110% or more on a daily basis to educate the children of the future.


I really appreciate the extra steps that are being taken to make sure our kids are safe. It may take a moment longer to get in a door, sign in, or picking up our kids but it is worth it. Security is not always convenient!

Maintaining the "specials"

Important to continue the art, foreign language, music and phys ed while some other schools are getting rid of it.

Variety of non-core classes

Getting the opportunity to learn about the world and how it works is so important for our children (i.e. social, physics, biology, etc.) . Expanding their horizons of how the core knowledge they are learning translates into understanding the world is of great benefit.

Some Concerns Are

Fewer activities for students

There are learning opportunities found within activities like field trips, choir concerts, etc. that have gone away over the last two years. These are memories kids bring with them throughout their lives and experiences many of them would not receive in their own daily life.

Are the schedules too tight and rushed?

I'm concerned that lunch time is rushed, physical activity is limited and so many specials are offered so quickly that real learning is not occurring during specials.


I feel our teachers should be paid more competitively in order to attract high quality teachers.

Shortened lunch and recess

My child does not always have enough time to eat lunch once he gets through the line. They also have to spend the first half of lunch in silence. This is very difficult when they've been learning all morning long. The shortened recess is also disappointing.

Class room size

North Branch schools have the second highest student-teacher ratio within the state. How are we sure that everyone is moving along as they should and maximizing their potential with the potential of such range of abilities over 21-1 ratio?

Additional Thoughts Shared

Extended services and supports to the high achieving student

What is the district doing to ensure that the student who are doing well and exceeding grade level expectations are being challenged appropriately at school?

Please fix the on-line communication

I would love to have a good calendar on-line and information easier to find on-line. i.e. when school activities are happening on a calendar not just sports on the school calendar, per grade information not just dead end web pages.

Pledge of Allegiance

It's great to start each day with the pledge. It seems to get our day started in the right direction!


Every elementary school that I have ever been too has had some sort of spring or Christmas concert for the little ones. Just for them to get dressed up and sing a couple songs. It's was very disappointing to find out that north branch doesn't hold any of these options.

Music. When do the kids typically begin Music concerts?

Would be nice to see in every grade. Music is important, and it's a good way to have parents and families feel involved.











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